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another dark theme with lots of transparency, but im getting bored of it already. easier to use than previous submission though

Comments (8)

dwal says:

Nicely done!!, like it alot! :) very clean, and keeping the green style :D

Sat, Feb 23rd at 10:48am (15 years ago)
phyper says:

nice =)

Sat, Feb 23rd at 12:21pm (15 years ago)
Vantastic says:

if ya want it to be easier to use, try making it less translucent :D

Sat, Feb 23rd at 04:14pm (15 years ago)
parasic says:

*ggg* damn I'm very impressed how you made the colors matching to my wallpaper! great work dude :)

Sat, Feb 23rd at 04:22pm (15 years ago)
oizzlo says:

cool looking

Sun, Feb 24th at 01:50am (15 years ago)
tybo611 says:

yea im wondering where i can get the full theme or if you can help me get the taskbar to change from the normal blue to black or green, i got the transparency part but not the other

Tue, Feb 7th at 05:18pm (12 years ago)
sexn says:

where can i find the font wich u are using for the taskbar

Sun, Jul 23rd at 11:45am (11 years ago)

Electrix wow, but your transparent messenger tells than you prefer looking at your desktop than what people say.

Thu, Nov 13th at 09:40pm (9 years ago)

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Created by dephunked
on February 23rd, 2002


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