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Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 10 years
Member since: January 1st, 2005
AIM: maaatt0

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453 Jesus, this place looks great.
like i forgot the passwords.
Posted 10 years ago in General Discussion.
453 how do I make stuff on this site?
yeah dont forgot.
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 want a cool vs? click here!
But then this place would be boring.
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Mspaint and a mouse
holy fucking shit.
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 task bar size
oops. 1. Values-General-TaskBand-FlashButton 2. Values-TaskBand-Toolbar-Button 3. Values-TaskBar-Toolbar-DropDownButton 4. Values-TaskBand-Toolbar-But...
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.

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Rego plus by blueslaad
id hate to see what you could do designing a visual style.
Posted 11 years ago.
June 13th by mynimal
untz. too trend flat for me, but props for figuring out how to do it. finally.
Posted 11 years ago.
Nouveau by dephunked
ooorah for white pixels surrounded by black ones.
Posted 11 years ago.
Asamov VS by visionleague
[Insert closed bold tag here] case you monkey /// get 'im dios, he's distributing calibri >:| --- Anyways, pretty tight VS, colour matching would...
Posted 11 years ago.

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