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Name: Josh  
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 9 years
Member since: March 8th, 2005
Last update: 11 years ago
Occupation: Student
Location: Pennsylvania
Current Projects: Med School
Media Player: Winamp

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453 I'm leaving.
youre last ss was so good tho
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 1's
whats the big fuckin deal. mynimals right, when people get sick of it, itll stop. as sincere as your efforts are max, its not gonna help. thrusting th...
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 3 by 3 your current album favs
seriously, its really good
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 website?
i really like it willy
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
in the planet? is there a fat underground nation that i dont know about? lets leave the "my countrys better than your country" out of this. oh, and...
Posted 11 years ago in General Discussion.

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Amora Onyx Mod by rissol
refreshing colors, maybe try a different style sometime tho
Posted 11 years ago.
Garden Aesthetics Wallpaper Pack by taniku
i like the picture, and the effects to some extent. but the text is a big no no. def thought your name said tanuki at first. smb3 ftw.
Posted 11 years ago.
Better Together 2 by WillyT
the tire swing's rope is far too bold, it should match the focus of the tree and tire.
Posted 11 years ago.
My desktop as of 8/01/06 by gladwarez
really plain, but + a million points for using a periodic table in your ss
Posted 11 years ago.

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Lumber Support
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