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LogonStudio Help

How To Use Logon Studio Skins


First you will need to download and install LogonStudio. When you open the program for the first time, it may ask if you want to register it as the “Logon screen editor”. Click Yes.

Changing Your Logon Screen

Browse our LogonStudio Skins to find one you like, and download it to My Documents or another folder where you’ll be able to find it. If the file is a .zip or .rar you’ll need to go to the folder where you downloaded it and double-click the file to unzip it. See How To Unzip A File for help. You should end up with a .logonxp file which is the actual logon screen.

Now open LogonStudio and click on the Load button. Locate the .logonxp file on your computer and click Open to load it up.

Make sure the logon screen you want to use is selected under Available Logons (see above). Then click Apply to see a demo of the logon screen, and OK to apply the screen and exit LogonStudio.

How to Restore the Default Logon Screen

To restore the default Windows XP logon screen, simply open LogonStudio and click Restore default XP logon.