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Artist's Note

BlueLS is my newest creation. It’s an experiment – I’m not sure how usable others will find it – but it’s rather fun minimalism.

The best wallpaper for this is:

The theme was inspired by recyclebiin’s work:

What you get is:
always-on-top minimal bottom-left aligned “home” icon
auto-hiding volume control
on-mouse-over tray icons
scrolling current winamp track artist – title
everything can be minimized to the home icon
super-organized-pseudo-OCD code for easy editing

update: left-click on "home" to hide/show taskbar/tray/volume (Thanks to THC4k on ls-universe forums)

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ps – see my ChromeOS LiteStep Theme:



I didn't try out the theme (yet), but I did take a look at the code. I know enough about LS to figure out what it does by reading .rc files. I like the organization. That's what made me take a look. Very clear. Nice notes. Pretty easy to understand. A good module for how I may want to organize my own .rc files someday. 8) I noticed a spot for a lua script that isn't present. I hope that means there will be future innovations.

Mon, Nov 23rd at 07:20pm (8 years ago)
yboris says:

I decided against any LUA scripting or any fancy stuff. I managed to get the main button to toggle through 2 states (all I need) ... and I think I'm done with LS modding for a while.

At first I thought this was an experimental (only) theme, but now that I've been using it for a month - I don't want to use anything else :D

Sun, Nov 29th at 10:58pm (7 years ago)

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Created by yboris
on October 21st, 2009


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