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Artist's Note

Buuf OS, for litestep.

Everything you could possibly need to know, is in the Readme, SO READ IT!!

Note: Due to people's different preferences about fonts that install automatically, I have chosen not to have them auto-install. Instead you'll need to unzip the file, go into the "fonts" folder, and install the fonts yourself *before* you load the theme.

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Comments (22)


love it.. reminds me of gant alot :)

Wed, Dec 6th at 03:45pm (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

I've been using this for a little while now. Its a smooth and robust theme. The graphics are fresh, functional and stylish. Can't find much wrong from an end user's point of view. Overall, a great non-minimal alternative to a stylish but functional LS theme.

Wed, Dec 6th at 03:46pm (11 years ago)
aakio says:

fuckin' sweet!

Wed, Dec 6th at 04:00pm (11 years ago)
egolatra says:

i offer you the medal of well done job

Wed, Dec 6th at 04:26pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

gasp! :O nice job. :)

Wed, Dec 6th at 05:14pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

if i used ls i would love it i know :)

Wed, Dec 6th at 05:39pm (11 years ago)

One idea: when the system bar is hidden it'd look cool if the bar shrank in half so it was only the height of the taskbar with no wasted space. Make sense? Otherwise, great windowblind, great icons, great litestep!!

Wed, Dec 6th at 06:11pm (11 years ago)

Not too flashy with gfx but this is very nice work!

Wed, Dec 6th at 06:47pm (11 years ago)
circa says:

/me loves it man. The taskbar is really detailed and functional

Wed, Dec 6th at 09:13pm (11 years ago)
thirst says:

Very well done.

Wed, Dec 6th at 09:26pm (11 years ago)

very cool, i love this set of icons, its great you themed around them... can't wait to try this out on my home machine...

Thu, Dec 7th at 09:13am (11 years ago)

Really nice theme, the Buuf feeling is perfect :-)

Thu, Dec 7th at 10:35am (11 years ago)

good stuff, man

Thu, Dec 7th at 06:19pm (11 years ago)
akka says:

you know i love it. // 'gratz :] well deserved.

Fri, Dec 8th at 02:40pm (11 years ago)

really nice, YOU THE MAN NOW DAWG

Fri, Dec 8th at 09:11pm (11 years ago)

Pretty cool, but not my style.

Sat, Dec 9th at 08:13pm (11 years ago)
staticuxo says:

< 3 you split

Sun, Dec 10th at 10:57am (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

I loved you.

Mon, Mar 5th at 02:56pm (10 years ago)

I loved you more.

Sat, Aug 25th at 04:04pm (10 years ago)
finch says:


Thu, Oct 25th at 07:42pm (10 years ago)
Eddyop says:

can u tell me how to use the theme ^__^

Mon, Jul 7th at 11:02pm (9 years ago)
cosmeee says:

lovin' this one and currently using it.
one problem tho', clicking the second time on a task in the taskbar won't minimize it. is this only in my case or is somebody else having the same "error"?

Wed, Oct 6th at 08:34am (7 years ago)

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