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bEaUTy oF sTyLe &HaRmOnY &gRaCe DePeNd oN SiMpLiCiTy -Plato
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Name: Bella~*  Female
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 5 years
Member since: July 24th, 2007
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: student
Birthday: February 12th, 1983 (34 years old)
Location: PhiLaDeLpHiA*
Home country: United States
System: Dell laptop- Windows XP Pro SP2
Media Player: WMP 10

kittybella's Favorite Things

Interests: I LOVE, LOVE: art>painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, illustration, design, fashion...&artists who create delicious art for my pleasure..., my b.f, my kittys Binkys & Mitzi & the strays i take care of, big cats, excess, instant gratification, my therapist, Darwin, criminals, candy, animals, people from other planets, diamonds, the color pink, science, xtra glossy lipgloss, Plato, Dada, sugar, Einstein, making a mess, manipulating, ambien, New York, East Village, skateboards, Howard Stern, Sublime, chaos, reading, luxury, learning, toys, self medication, M-theory, all your attenion, Discovery/ National Geographic/ History/ & Science channels- fuckin right, Tom Delonge, compliments, tulips, sparkle, Dali, jewels, lip rings, freedom of speech, control, arguments, opiates, controversey, bmx bikes, cupcakes, Hello Kitty, VW, horror movies, forenscics, temper tantrums, rescue animals, xtreme sports, intoxication, cakebatter ice cream, shimmery skin, expensive shampoo, watermelon bubblicious, anime girls- their big sparkley eyes...
Music: my favoritest band is Subime- i love Bradley Nowells- wish he'd had the chance to create more music, i also love so much Blink, it's depressing that they're done- i like their older stuff the most, oh, & i want Tom Delonge badly...haha, another love is The BloodHound Gang, +44, also love Rage Against the Machine- Beastie Boys, Chimara, Bob Marley (but who doesn't love him, seriously), Nirvana, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Manson, RadioHead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Who
Books & Authors: oh god- i could take hooours for this! Animal Farm (Orwell), Black Like Me (John Howard Griffiin), One Flew UNFINISHED.........

About kittybella

i don't know, i fucking love art. it makes me all dramatic. im just so passionate about it. i go to museams & gallery's all the time- i live in Philly so im lucky to have lots of art around me. there are times when im looking into a painting, or at a sculpture, or whatever- and something about it just makes sense- i get goosebumps (ok and maybe a few times a little tear came out) like i said- dramatic. so i have a B.A in Art, & i want to go for my masters, though im unsure in what to area to concentrate.

so i guess im sort of new with computer arts. ive had several classes in graphic design, which made me want to go further with it. ive always been what i guess is called a "traditional artist", but an artist is an artist- so of course i want to learn more computer stuff- making icons, skins, customizing, & really really learning photoshop. ive only been skimming the surface, & i guess im just a little scared to go all in. Im used to being able to pick anything up & not only learn it quickly, but learn it really well. So on the rare occasion :P that i can't figure it out, or do it immediately (such as driving stick), i'll flip out & maybe kick or punch something , blame it on everyone else...you know, im a f*cking baby haha.

so i guess we'll see. oh- and i apologize in advance for any of my ridiiiiiiiiculously long comment/critiques, i really do try to make them short- you should see how much of it gets deleted! like i said- i fucking love art. i get absorbed in it. even bad art- there's still something equally as beaufiful about it, simply bc it's somebodys creation. =^._.^=


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