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i like to eat cereal when i'm watching my cartoons
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Name: kareem  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 7 years
Member since: April 12th, 2006
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: student
Birthday: April 20th, 1988 (29 years old)
Location: Sydney
Home country: Australia
Current Projects: sandwhich winamp and other various things i sometimes but not really work on
Media Player: winamp classic

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Interests: boobs
Music: http://www.last.fm/user/kareem0s

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i like toast


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kinetx has posted 116 times.

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deja entendu
8 years ago

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jg-visuals says:
What can I say, great work. Look forward to something new from you. :P
Sun 6th Jul, 08:00am
theconcept says:
dude you're so hot
Tue 15th Jan, 10:25am
split says:
lets get gay together :)
Sun 9th Dec, 06:57pm
enspia says:
hai thar. :)
Tue 16th Oct, 04:43am
sinome says:
hey hey helloo ^_0
Thu 27th Sep, 04:03pm
poma says:
Hey! Thanks for the mIRC script tip, i've got it fully configured now, looks really great!
Wed 26th Sep, 01:12pm
reddit says:
hello, thnx for the request!
Mon 13th Aug, 11:39pm
Caliban___ says:
fuck...with the time that i lost just to find the "post a comment" i forgot what to say!
Wed 4th Jul, 06:03pm
egolatra says:
Heh, thanks man-

Thu 21st Jun, 09:03pm
Pyro_ says:
Oh now you're page is fixed but Akka's isn't. I see how it is. ;)
Sun 3rd Jun, 04:25am
koekoeh says:
hello, nice to meet you ^^!
Fri 1st Jun, 07:06pm
motorist says:
Wed 30th May, 03:43am
Damzk says:
Sun 20th May, 06:47pm
akka says:
andrew, i think it's a little late for that ;x
Wed 7th Mar, 04:43am
amp.angel says:
I always come again.
Thu 1st Mar, 05:22am
dive says:
My baby don't mess around
Because she loves me so
And this I know for shooo..
Wed 28th Feb, 02:21pm
colossus72 says:
foo foo
Tue 27th Feb, 01:04am
fate0000 says:
Mon 26th Feb, 11:52pm
capitalizex says:
i love you baby <3
Mon 26th Feb, 07:59pm