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Name: Jamie 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 12 years
Member since: October 25th, 2001
Occupation: Multimedia Designer
Location: Southeastern Pennsylvania
Current Projects: Too many to list
System: - Macintosh G4 450 mhz 256 mb ram w/ 17 in monitor & 30 gig HD (primarily for audio video use)

- Compaq 366 mhz 320 mb ram w/ 15 in monitor & 6 gig HD (used primarily for backup, file conversions, and internet)

- Dell Dimension 8200 1.9 Ghz with 17 in Flat Panel Monitor & 40 gig HD (Pimarily used for graphics and 3d work)

Recent Reviews

jamie13 has posted 5 reviews.

Liquid Chrome by jamie13
Yup, gotta love KPT 5! I normally don't use many plug-ins or filters for that matter, but I got KPT 5 about 2 weeks ago, and absolutely love it. I'ts...
Posted 16 years ago.
Stopping Objects 4 of 5 by jamie13
Other sizes are available upon request. Just e-mail me.
Posted 16 years ago.
Outer Limits by jamie13
There are NO bryce balls in this piece. They are pill shaped objects. Next time look a little closer.
Posted 16 years ago.
chaos by jamie13
For those who think it's lame, Maybe you're right. Maybe it's because I only spent a half hour on it. Maybe it's because it is a little blurry, maybe...
Posted 16 years ago.

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