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Hey, i figured since Apple was coming out with their "cute" new computer, that i had to design a small scheme to its likeness. i will, without a doubt, update this scheme in the future.

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Agent5G says:

That mouse sure looks happy.. also.. how would that stay on her? it looks like it'd just fall off... anyhow. nice theme... even though i'm a mac hater, it;s an atempt, and at least you put in some effort.

PiMp says:

this theme has the badest fucking back ground ino ino he didnt make it but damn i give you props for the good i i d/l this on just for the icons and that damn Mac Gurl(i dont use 800x600) move up the resolution and these theme would kick mjor ass cause on 800x600 its all cludered

Silence says:

hellooo iMac :)

Logix says:

this makes iMac's look good....and a comment to those who reviewed to complain-You Go To Hell...You Go To Hell and You Die-

Priox says:

If you want the real imac look and feel.. make it appealing to lamers!

hobo jim says:

I am tired of the Imac fad...and it looks ugly

Dr.G says:

Yeaaaaah! I don't hate windoze, and i never had an imac, but i love anime! i want more anime-themes! yes

Agent says:

was going to give it a 75, but i am compensating for vampyre's stupidity........

teq says:

Cool BG cus I have it too and and it looks good too . I'd say more Anime 800x600 LSthemes

RAruler says:

People should make some more anime themes.. I like the image.. looks cool.. although, someone really should make a Neon Genesis Evangilion Theme for Litestep

GriLo says:

Damn cool background, love the look, it's clean ...

sfx says:

This theme is sweet. It's clean, bright and it has Anime. Plus she's got a nice body and a kick ass outfit.

djinsane says:

Yep, i give it 100, y the hell not? I love anime pics, i like macs, the theme is good, do i really give a shit if ppl rip stuff? fantastic job! [100]

Cypher84 says:

Why can't the Imacs look more like that chick- If I ever get a mac, I'd certainly want it to wink at me ;-) I can't see anything too unoriginal about it, of course, I'm no expert on LS themes either. I'm glad to see those "hormonial" themes at 800x600!

RiceKake says:

I kinda like this. These anime skins arent to common...


I like the colors, and the background. It's just cool.

Seifer says:

Well, it doesn't look too much like a Mac too me, but any thing with a half naked anime chick gets points :P (call me biased)

zumzum says:

I have to see, this looks good...it feels right while using it...aint gonna complain becase of that..Nice work..

iamHED says:

This guy gets too much credit for a ripped background with some badly dr!wn graphics.

Humptee says:

Guess I have to give you credit for actually taking time, but I think you've wasted too much time on a 'hormonial' theme. Sucks in my oppinion.

Gabriel says:

Cute.. But Uh... Just get an iMac =)

Grug1999 says:

slick slick slick. good class, well compiled. imac. yay. yeah I agree...we need more good anime litestep themes....anyone???

buZz says:

5 for the ripped background , i HATE the efx skin , the popup theme and the wharf buttons & icons...

madtrox57 says:


MeDiOn says:

Cool, nice, slick, simple. Nice background, how often do u see anime themes...?

Reverend says:

nice, but that chick has nothing on my star...

Nuitari says:

Cute. iMac. I like it (even if I'm not a Mac user)!

wilsonls says:

Cool, quite simply, cool. (Apart from the bint, what on earth has it got to do with an iMac, oh well)


I give this 10 pts for trying and cuz I like the iMac, but what the hell does and iMac have to do with half-nude women?

DukE says:

Nice donely port, all is OK, exepting too bright color scheme ( my eyes tired from such themes ) and background image - I don't like toon bgds, especially magna bgds.

Wednesday says:

that's the cutest iMac i've ever seen! nice clean skin.. although i like the orange iMacs better ;p

fathom says:

I hate to do this, but this looks like it's just a port of the Window Maker and Afterstep themes of the same name (but not the same author)... it's looks cool, but it's just a port of a port of a port....

zixel says:

nice polished look. good color scheme

Hope Died says:

I'm not big in the Imac fad. But I'll give this theme a 15 for effect plus another 60 because I like the background.

ein says:

wow what icons....great

nebula9 says:

how about uploading <u>all</u> your icons?

mrfly says:

How deluctable - they just look good enough to eat.... just like a blueberry imac. I just want to start licking them all over then slowly chomp away at there innards. Oh OH OHHHH

malice says:

I never use icons with bold borders, but I still think this is great work!

Geemo says:

The edges look a little to rough on a white background. Also the colors have a little more saturation then they should IMHO.

Cornolio says:

This set of icons is really great, as almost every other you made. But i nottice two problems: first, the iMac colors are a little bit more 'flashy', but it still fit, as it still looks alot like the real colors. But second: i use 48 pixels wide icons on my desktop, and once resized by the system, they suck. It's not your fault, but do the system's job, please!

galathor says:

You have the touch man!!!

Fletch says:

another great set of icons from copland

Gobman says:

great job!


Wed, Dec 1st at 12:40pm (13 years ago)

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Created by |copland|
on April 20th, 1999


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