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Artist's Note

An icon pack contains 8 icons in all. Done in Photoshop for may be more than 3 months on and off.

Hope you like it!

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Comments (13)


i like the details, please complete with more icons :D

Fri, May 26th at 03:56pm (11 years ago)

wow, i wouldnt use them myself, but they look excellent.

Fri, May 26th at 09:56am (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

nice icons :) halo 1 > halo 2

Fri, May 26th at 10:00am (11 years ago)
OftenK says:

I'm not so sure I would use them either, but they are excellent. I'll probably download them and use them to celebrate the release of Halo 3 when the time comes. Great level of detail (particularly the inclusion of the beacons on the Halo icon). Great stuff! @ markovnikov: What? Blasphemy!

Fri, May 26th at 11:06am (11 years ago)

obvioulsy not the most usable, but still well done. slayer > ctf

Fri, May 26th at 11:23am (11 years ago)

These icons look fantastic, the detail and unity make them an outstanding set. Great for those with Halo-themed desktops, but not great for the rest of us. Assault Rifle > Battle Rifle

Fri, May 26th at 02:59pm (11 years ago)

i love these... i like how you used the assault rifle... i miss it.. lol.. but very nice

Fri, May 26th at 03:04pm (11 years ago)
Lance001 says:

Wow, you guys aren't the brightest bunch. "Great for those with Halo-themed desktops, but not great for the rest of us." Um, maybe it's just me, but did you ever stop to think that he didn't make these for people who didn't want them? I mean, what the heck...if you aren't looking for Halo icons to complement your Halo desktop, then how are they "not useful?" That's just ridiculous.

Please think before you start telling someone that the creation he/she has worked many hours on is useless because people who don't want to use it...don't want to use it. That's like telling someone who wants a bird: "You shouldn't get this dog."
Durr they shouldn't, genius, if they aren't looking for it, of course it's going to be useless...

It wouldn't be so bad if you weren't bashing the person's stuff. He/she actually put a bunch of thought and effort into them (unlike you and your words).

Tue, May 30th at 08:45pm (11 years ago)
ajay16 says:

I love these icons! I am going to replace my main halo icon with the "my computer" icon in this package as it looks waaaay better than the original! Well Done :D

Thu, Aug 3rd at 03:31am (11 years ago)

yes its good but before downloading if you look at the scope licence it says:

This is not free software. Subject to the terms below, you are hereby licensed by WinZip Computing, Inc. (“WCI”) to use one copy of WinZip, on one (1) computer or workstation, for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 21 days. If you use this software after the 21-day evaluation period a registration fee of $29 is required. Payments must be in US dollars drawn on a US bank, and should be sent to WinZip Computing, Inc., P.O. Box 540, Mansfield, CT 06268, USA.

Copyright © 1996-2001 by WinZip Computing, Inc. All rights reserved.

Tue, Oct 24th at 03:33pm (11 years ago)
major9686 says:


Fri, Jun 15th at 02:51am (10 years ago)
moobie666 says:

hey scarlet the rifle does come back XD

Mon, Jun 25th at 04:13pm (10 years ago)

how do i use png files as icons? please help

Fri, Sep 28th at 07:28am (10 years ago)

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