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Artist's Note

3 folder icons. One mostly clear, one mostly white, and another with a pattern.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (11)


Oh damn those are keen!

Thu, Oct 6th at 06:49pm (12 years ago)
sinome says:

great.. nice to see some good icons here =). love to see some more...

Thu, Oct 6th at 09:53am (12 years ago)
flatdan says:

Like the idea of putting patterns on icons. good work.

Thu, Oct 6th at 11:01am (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Lovely and fresh - I'll give em' a whirl.

Thu, Oct 6th at 04:12pm (12 years ago)

j3 said keen... lol

Thu, Oct 6th at 04:50pm (12 years ago)
Stengah says:

Wish there were some ico's... they look nice though.

Thu, Oct 6th at 04:54pm (12 years ago)

nice job, more!

Thu, Oct 6th at 11:13pm (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

I like the clear one.

Fri, Oct 7th at 09:32pm (12 years ago)
harper says:

WOW!! Those are beautiful. Great work!

Sat, Oct 8th at 02:07pm (12 years ago)
elter says:

really nice man

Sun, Oct 9th at 06:40am (12 years ago)
biftek. says:

I really wish there were more than three.

Thu, May 25th at 07:59am (11 years ago)

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Created by High6ix
on October 6th, 2005


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