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Artist's Note

Okay read this first: You won't be able to download by using the download button as the complete file is 40mb. Reason being it has both complete sets for the Alienware AlienMorph Skin Suite. This includes both Windowblinds, both WMP 9 Series skins, an icon packager set and wallpapers. All this in a single installer. This originally was designed for pre-installation on all Alienware PCs but they were gracious enough to offer to all users for free. Please keep that in mind.

Alienware Corporation and The Skins Factory, Inc. Present:
The release of the Alienware AlienMorph™ Icon Kit.

Theme Manager technology courtesy of Stardock Corporation.

DOWNLOAD (entire suite) HERE:

Comments (40)


Wicked set of icons. They will match up perfectly with some of my visual styles and walls.

Thu, Aug 26th at 08:08pm (13 years ago)
Aero says:

wow, very impressive.

Thu, Aug 26th at 01:19pm (13 years ago)


This mirror was graciously donated by Russ of Angry-Fly. Thanks again Russ.

Diafragma created a nice “authorized” port of AlienMorph into Rainlender (the calendar program). You can grab it here:

Thu, Aug 26th at 01:56pm (13 years ago)
R I P says:

wicked stuff, makes me wanna stop wasting my cash on smokes and alchohol and save up to buy an alieware pc.

Thu, Aug 26th at 02:28pm (13 years ago)

excellent set of icons. nice work. nicely presented as well. very usable.

Thu, Aug 26th at 03:26pm (13 years ago)
frederoil says:

oh, great, customize.org sold out!! They've gone corporate on our asses! I wonder how much Alienware had to "donate" to customize to get their skins "featured."

Thu, Aug 26th at 06:13pm (13 years ago)
timbot says:

frederoil: have you maybe considered that Skins Factory put a ton of hard work into this and made a sexy suite? To boot, they made it free! What more can I ask for, great work!

Thu, Aug 26th at 06:50pm (13 years ago)
Helghast says:

HOLY CRAP! This is gorgeous

Thu, Aug 26th at 07:30pm (13 years ago)
koopey says:

:D good at higher sizes of icons, but normal 32x32 looks weird

Thu, Aug 26th at 07:41pm (13 years ago)
rkenshin says:

Shutup frederoil, you knitwit. Awesome job Skins Factory to your entire team. Too bad you don't port the WB to VS.

Thu, Aug 26th at 07:55pm (13 years ago)
sticboy says:

ok, my original score was [96](just from the awesome preview).. but now that i've extracted just the icons from the .icl files, i realized they're pretty theme specific... though they are really nice and include high resolution icons... i could only use these icons for a couple hours until i got very tired of them. short life span.

Thu, Aug 26th at 08:34pm (13 years ago)
evobit says:

*jizm* -10 because now I've downloaded that wmp skin twice -10 for the download not working in opera either.
GRRR... can somebody host (preferably just the icons) somewhere else.. I can't get the download to work AT ALL.

Thu, Aug 26th at 11:50pm (13 years ago)
jujube says:

ditto, gonna test out on my real-world alien box now////

____(-5 pts) for including other things outside of the iconsets, bad

____(-5 pts) for making it into it Iconpackager set, very bad

____(-8 pts) for getting us a offsite DL, bad too

____(-20 pts) for asking us to use an INSTALLER, god ! ___which means unnecessary spring cleaning afterward, that normal icon sets don't ask us to do____and having to tell you our falsified email.


I always like SkinFactory and I think they have really put the feel of Alienware brand in their works. BUt, but , but the conduct cannot in anyway be supported. I'm sorry But that's my opinion. __________ Because the presentation of the work is part of the work, and I will continue to put that part of the equation into my consideration.

________more update.... the download (ON THEIR SITE) doesn't seem to work with my mozilla, uuuhhh

____ I did not enjoy this rollercoaster ride as you can see.

Fri, Aug 27th at 12:23am (13 years ago)
Dokt says:

Someone kick that twat noob frederoil off the site. Alienware's still getting hammered - direct link if you're getting bored entering your madeup email addy:

Fri, Aug 27th at 02:25am (13 years ago)
SteV says:

download link won't work for me. Maybe they have a high server load or something. I'll try later. The icons are looking pretty sleek.

Fri, Aug 27th at 02:51am (13 years ago)
qwertz says:

offsite download?
dedicated software just to install?
wmp ... iconpackager ... windowblinds

once its all set up, i bet its very sweet, i mean how else did it get to be a featured item .... sadly till some ports are released on more "standardised" platforms (vs, amp, *.ico) this 56k user is going to have to skip this item.

Fri, Aug 27th at 04:41am (13 years ago)
fokus says:

I agree with Dokts statement, ban the retard.

Fri, Aug 27th at 05:51am (13 years ago)

stunning design and great look and feel
will have pleasure using these

Fri, Aug 27th at 06:21am (13 years ago)
DJoG says:

i cant download it !!!! check the broken links

Fri, Aug 27th at 11:20am (13 years ago)

high quality

Fri, Aug 27th at 04:44pm (13 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

Is there a way to extract the icons outta the packager theme? People have Y'z Dock and others to think about....

Sat, Aug 28th at 02:15am (13 years ago)

As always the skins factory has impressed!

Sat, Aug 28th at 02:44am (13 years ago)
jsuh says:

This is definitely one badass icon set, I've seen the work Skins Factory has done, just beautiful.

What I don't understand is people taking points off the rating just because it's an offsite download or because the download doesn't work? Kinda childish in my opinion. If you're gonna comment about its big download or the whole installation process just simply suggest it to the developer.

Sat, Aug 28th at 07:05am (13 years ago)
Xtremerz says:


Sat, Aug 28th at 08:09am (13 years ago)
ExiTjen says:

f*cking awesome job!

simply 2 words for it...


Sat, Aug 28th at 06:30pm (13 years ago)
razail says:

i didnt like the program at all, but i loved the icons within.

Sun, Aug 29th at 10:02pm (13 years ago)
Newave says:

This work is really amazing!

Mon, Aug 30th at 04:50am (13 years ago)

why..cause i downloaded the thing...and none of my icons changed only the taskbars and what not...could someone help me into changin all my icons

Mon, Aug 30th at 02:50pm (13 years ago)
sillaboy says:

nice icons but, it would be better if u uploaded icons separately, cuz i could not apply this icons to Y'z dock, thats not very nice. . .

Thu, Sep 9th at 10:10am (13 years ago)
Typhon1 says:

Since there is no skin from this theme made for Wndows 2000 I cant really rate it.

If there is someone who is willing to help me because I am still new at this and I am unable to read any of the files from the manager presented here. I would really appreciate it.


Tue, Sep 28th at 04:05am (13 years ago)
araut says:


Wed, Sep 29th at 02:06pm (13 years ago)
luzzu says:

its great although its buggy in aol, if you minimize a window the shadow of the window remains on screen and doesnt go away till u maxamize the window again and that only stops it by showing the intended shadow,also the bar theme does not apply to it, everything else is great,

heres what i mean,

Tue, Oct 5th at 06:30pm (13 years ago)
HeLGeNX says:

Actually, check this link everyone:

Tue, Feb 1st at 06:41am (12 years ago)
Cyphonik says:


Fri, Apr 22nd at 09:15am (12 years ago)

[-10] because the link to alienguise keeps giving me a server error on Firefox, IE and Opera. [-5] because all I really want is the icon set, not the entire 40MB bundle. It's a cute theme.

Mon, May 2nd at 12:12pm (12 years ago)
fr33dom says:


Thu, Sep 29th at 05:41pm (12 years ago)
rhino1991 says:

its good

Sat, Dec 3rd at 04:56am (11 years ago)

I like it.

Fri, Jul 18th at 11:17am (9 years ago)
kallzo says:

where is the damn link?

Fri, Jan 4th at 10:55am (4 years ago)
SILENT612 says:

Great! I remember using this set back in my XP days... Just wonder... Is there a Transparent download LINK?

Tue, May 7th at 09:54am (4 years ago)

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