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NEW version...
Add a little shine to your customization!

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i like the 2d version better, but i do have an idea for another update. you could make the light grey to be tranparent so that they would match any color scheme, i lovr these icon btw

Tue, Jun 1st at 10:22pm (13 years ago)

These are fantastic, not your average glassy icons ... I really am using them now ... at least the file type icons ... love them

Wed, Jun 2nd at 02:26am (13 years ago)

When I saw the preview, I thought that this would be a great group of icons to download. But now that I downloaded it, I saw that You had many creative and origional icons, not just filetypes, and special folders, and such. Instead, you left out quite a few inegral icons. I can't find the my computer Icon, for one, and I can't find the network one, either. There were many more to list here. You should make a list of the Icons you need, and make those before you make all the crative ones. Another thing; you should make a bigger diffrence between all of the folders that stary with my (my docs, my music, my pics, ect.), they are all pretty much the same. One last thing; I counted 100 icons, not 99, but that dosen't affect your score.

Fri, Jun 11th at 09:37am (13 years ago)
Scythar says:

yep, have to agree with banannakid, but thats not so bad, if you could provide a bigger version of the blanco one so i can make some myself (like my daughter etc.)... so any chance i can get a hold of a blanco one with say a resolution of 500x500 r something.

Its alright now :), with the special phtoshop plugin and icondeveloper and can manipulate them to my needs. Since there was a 128x128 format i had room to play.
Bdw i tried to make a square variant and i think i it worked, so let me know if you think a square variant woould be nice to publish.

Wed, Dec 22nd at 07:21am (12 years ago)

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Created by HIM
on June 1st, 2004


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