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GNOME Themes / Hyo o9o8 - ThemePack (Linux)

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Artist's Note

this is a theme pack for Linux inspired from a mac setup I've seen somewhere. It includes the following :

- 1 GTK theme
- 1 Emerald Theme (for Compiz-Fusion)
- 1 PekWM theme
- 2 BMPanel themes (1 that's like the GTK and the other which is a "Light" version)
- I included the fonts i used for the BMPanel

the wonderful WP used for the preview image can be found on

For info, the apps in the preview are Xfce running compiz-fusion (thus showing the emerald theme and not the pekwm/bmpanel). Also, thunar, sonata, wfce-term and TWF (for the gtk preview) is used here as well.

I hope you like it...

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


herbie643 says:

Ive was on Windows 15yrs... Recently, April, moved to Ubuntu.. Never looked back.. HOWEVER, if its one thing that makes me totally insane is this. I see the Theme i wan, I download it. THEN what the hell am i supposed to with it? I open the theme manager and Click on Install.. Try to install what i just downloaded and Error.. Not a vaild theme. Ok, ill extract it.. Yeah Right.. extracts to where i downloaded it.. i copy over the Hyo folder. Still nothing.
Ok, heres where i might really upset a lot of people. Damn it, If i click onextract, extract it where its supposed to go to..If not supposed to extract it, then TELL ME HOW TO INSTALL IT. Here's a novel idea, a freaking README or INSTALL script..
Then i wouldnt be on this rant.
Sorry for ranting, but it makes me insane. Ill be willing to wager it makes others as well.
Marshall Neill

Sat, Nov 29th at 11:27am (9 years ago)

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Created by FGD
on September 17th, 2008


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