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Guidelines for Submissions and Conduct

When uploading art or software skins of any type, please only submit work that you have created or have written permission from the original artist to upload. If submitting someone else's work, the original artist written permission must also be submitted with their work in a zip file to avoid copyright conflicts.

This is a family friendly site so submissions containing nudity are not permitted. customize.org does not have filter settings to eliminate nudity so submission that contains such will be deleted and offenders will be banned.

Wallpapers that are submitted should be of common screen resolution sizes. For example, a picture that is 250x250 would not be considered a wallpaper.
Personal portraits are also not considered wallpaper. If you feel the need to upload selfies there are other sites where you can do so.

Personal attacks, bullying or profanity in the comments section of members submissions or groups will not be tolerated. Offenders may receive one warning but if the inappropriate behavior persists, the member will be banned.

More guidelines will likely be added in the future but for now let's all do our part to follow these basic few and remember, always keep customization fun.


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