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"I hate you" songs

Baybeblu02 says:

I was just wondering what your guys' favorite I-hate-you-you-rat-bastard songs are. Mine are:

Alkaline Trio - Radio
Alkaline Trio - Fatally Yours
Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid
Homegrown - I Love You Not

I need some more F*** you songs. I'm in the process of a very messy breakup and these kind of songs help alot.

03:59 am, Sunday, October 17, 2004 (13 years ago)
pharcyde says:

if ya like hip-hop sometimes, these are the songs I like..

Atmosphere - [email protected] you lucy
Sage Francis - Threewrite

and if you're in a happy "i dont care" mood,
Brother Ali - Forest Whitiker

and that song by Eamon..cant remember the title, ahah that song was catchy as hell too

04:44 am (13 years ago)
winslade says:

Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you

Bout if for me, + that Eamon song. lol

06:40 am (13 years ago)
Snowman says:

Ugly Kid Joe - I hate everthing about you
Morrisey - We hate it when our friends become successfull
Eamon - [email protected] it
System of a down - [email protected] the system
Weird Al Yankovic - You dont love me anymore

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08:53 am (13 years ago)
qwertz says:

Pink Floyd - In The Flesh
Korn - Leave This Place
Rage Against The Machine - Born Of A Broken Man
Tool - Die Eier Von Satan (anyone up for one nasty cake recipe?)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

no question is stupid just questionable ...

10:36 am (13 years ago)
AverageJoe says:

Cake - Friend is a Four Letter Word
Cake - I Will Survive
Moby - That's When I Reach for My Revolver
Eric - Cartman - Kyle's Mom is a Bitch
any Atari Teenage Riot song
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
Nirvana - Tourette's (note: there are no "official" lyrics to this, so make your own interpretation)

11:03 am (13 years ago)
acid_demon says:

Silverstien - Smashed to pieces
- Bleeds no more

12:39 pm (13 years ago)

DUHAST by rammstine

05:03 pm (13 years ago)
thunderpeel says:

The Rat by The Walkmen!!

Well I'm puttin' it down
But you treat me like a clown
And I don't wanna be funny

06:36 pm (13 years ago)
Belle_Morte says:

Pretty much every song by Eminem is a hate song...

08:24 pm (13 years ago)

Slayer - Disciple
Chimaira - Pure Hatred
Slipknot - Left Behind
Soulfly - Defeat You
Avenged Sevenfold - Lips Of Deceit
Cradle Of Filth - Nemesis
Poison the Well - Grain of Salt
Poison the Well - Left with nothing
Poison The Well - Torn
The Bled - Glitterbomb
In Flames - Only For The Weak
In Flames - Touch of Red
System of a Down - Streamline ( more like self hatred )

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08:37 pm (13 years ago)
lilcstyle4 says:

Alkaline Trio - Slammed on Green Beer
Thrice - Under a Killing Moon

and finaly:
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You

08:49 pm (13 years ago)
xxiney says:

yeah man i agree

sinead o'connor

nothing compares to you

10:06 pm (13 years ago)
K y 0 z says:

thrice and inflames songs


11:47 pm (13 years ago)
R I P says:

Seether - Your Bore
korn - right now

if youre into metal and stuff

11:57 pm (13 years ago)
Hallowed says:

Anything from the "Darkest Days" album by Stabbing Westward, but that's if you liked the person first. Or Kid Rock .. anything of his heavier stuff. Or Limp Bizkit before they sold out.

03:39 am (13 years ago)
antimatter says:

Rogue Wave - Perfect comes to mind...a lot of the songs on that album are of the "I used to love you but now I don't" variety. That's all I can think of, it's late and I'm tired.

03:59 am (13 years ago)
Arznek says:

hatred and emo:
The Julianna Theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me
The Starting Line - A Goodnight's Sleep
Motion City Soundtrack - My Favorite Accident
Midtown - Just Rock and Roll
The Early November - I Want To Hear You Sad
Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is For Lovers

and if you're pissed:
Deftones - Head Up

if you're depressed:
Ulver - Porn Pieces or the Scars of Cold Kisses

and on and on and on

Arznek [arz]

03:59 am (13 years ago)
50cent0823 says:

mest - until i met you

04:03 am (13 years ago)
tktrack says:

radiohead - exit music (for a film)

04:38 am (13 years ago)
spr33 says:

I don't know why no one has mentioned:
Kelis - I Hate You So Much Right Now

That girl could scream for America.

My input (this is I hate you, I hate anything and everything).

CunninLynguists - Falling Down (take from the album 'Southernunderground')

// spr33

08:03 am (13 years ago)
BlackLotus says:

Qotsa - Just Another Love Song

09:10 am (13 years ago)
Amplifried says:

Fall Out Boy - Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
Brand New - Seventy Times 7
Green Day - F.O.D. (Classic)
Say Anything - An Orgy Of Critics
Taking Back Sunday - There's No "I" In Team
The Cure - Us Or Them
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of

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05:56 pm (13 years ago)
borline says:

Team America soundtrack "America (F*ck Yeah) [Bummer Remix]"

07:27 pm (13 years ago)
Kul says:

Puddle of Mud - She Fucking Hates Me

05:02 pm (13 years ago)
Ipslne says:

um.... that one angsty teen song about hate, mebbe?

I hate liars. I hate hypocrites. I hate haters. Now gimmie a hug.

06:51 pm (13 years ago)
Morgana says:

Subsonica - Colpo di pistola

10:33 am (13 years ago)
MindQrime says:

Limp Bizkit - Just Drop Dead
Puddle Of Mudd - Control

01:38 pm (13 years ago)
Nico_Spalli says:

Lil Kim and Biggie - I need another Bitch
Adam Sandler - Love Stinks!
Kelis - I hate you so much right now

03:02 am (12 years ago)
Enceladus says:

The Eels - Fucker

quite possibly the best hate you song of all time

04:55 am (12 years ago)
acroyear says:

Hahah, Colossus hit the nail right in the head.

Listen to the entire "You Fail Me" album by Converge.

If that's too much for your ears (it is for most people), listen to the song "Fuck You / An Ode to No One" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I'm surprised nobody suggested this already.


04:59 am (12 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

Tru, but im glad to see qwetz was kind enough to throw tool into the mix. Btw, from the sound of it that cake would get you so friggin wasted. MMmmm...but in the tool department a good number of them there songs have something to do with hate. Im stuck on Eulogy at the momment D:

Conformity, the inspiration of the ill minded.

05:42 am (12 years ago)
k1n6_6h1d0r4 says:

i second that

05:42 am (12 years ago)

mojo: I will for you

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07:05 am (12 years ago)

gives you hell - all american rejects @@

10:49 pm (7 years ago)
aqualily6 says:

"I F**cking Hate You" by Godsmack
(Heavy Metal/Rock)

"Crying Like a B**ch" by Godsmack
(Heavy Metal/Rock)

"I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace

"I Hate Everything" by George Strait

"Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" by Plain White T's (Indie/pop/rock)

"All These Things I Hate" by Bullet For My Valentine

09:00 pm (7 years ago)
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