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Pop-ups are annoying...

SelfReichous says:

don't mean to bitch, but the pop-ups on this site are getting annoying... i've been unable to check the new submissions without gagging with every mouse click, fearing the pop-up. I still love this site, and i, as always, still have it as my home page thinger... but i'm quite sick of the pop-ups...
I know custo needs money, like every other website on earth, but isn't there some way to eliminate the pop-ups?

10:51 pm, Thursday, November 08, 2001 (16 years ago)
SelfReichous says:

or maybe it's just me... perhaps there are NO pop-ups on this site... i think i have a pop-up virus

10:53 pm (16 years ago)
dork says:

you should have been around when that "sorry we had to close customize.org because of a lack of funding" thingy kept showing up

10:56 pm (16 years ago)
SelfReichous says:

I was there... but there's gotta be some alternative to these damn pop-ups...

11:03 pm (16 years ago)
2LT DiRtBaG says:

Get a pop-up killer app... and then no mo pop-ups.

11:20 pm (16 years ago)
escopedo says:

popups are annoying here, i get 2 at once foir every page load and they're always the same popups twice, so i got meself a popup stopped just ofr custo.org, see what ya doin to me, SEE????

02:12 am (16 years ago)
SelfReichous says:

i hate pop-up killers... they require installation and come with too many extra features...
only thing i want is to surf custo in peace... i don't want to kill pushy java applets and dominatrix cookies... i rather like being dominated by cookies

06:34 am (16 years ago)
pingpro says:

I will agree, The sad part is the custo staff said
"We did not say they could do po-up"
We will have them removed...
Well a couple weeks later.. there is not 2 pop-ups
every page load..
A wee freaking rediculaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Would not complain so much if they would not have said "We will not allow pop-ups" ..

Anyhow I do not see them anyway.. so no bother to me... :).. just hear a gun rocket launcher em ;)

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06:45 am (16 years ago)
miriku says:

turn off java script.

:: to die and not perish is to be eternally present : tao te ching ::

06:45 am (16 years ago)
ad0nai says:

no extra features, no muss no fuss...simple, easy to use and so far 100% effective (after over a month of surfing)

[Administrator :: ]

03:55 pm (16 years ago)
tripp says:

hmm...sometimes i get none sometimes i get some....but my overall strategy is not giving a shit and enjoying the custo community... :)

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07:53 pm (16 years ago)
chip7 says:

long life popup killaz. Haven't seen any popups at any site for other two months! :)

and search for "pow".

Simple install, no fuss and does the job without interferring!

.:: Chip7 ::.

08:16 pm (16 years ago)
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