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how old is your system.

SirWonkus says:

how old is your home computer that you use the most?

i think i bought mine ...7/21/2001
so two years and some months, now i would hope that i get a new one at the end of this coming summer...
i don't feel like my computer is too slow, it does everything i ask, most of time, big ps files and big 3d files are sometimes a challenge, but not so much as to really hinder me from doing what i want.
when do you think is a good time for a new computer?

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03:11 pm, Sunday, November 30, 2003 (14 years ago)
AverageJoe says:

Wow, people actually buy entire computers?

I base my purchase of computer parts on my system's performance in whatever the latest and most advanced game happens to be.

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03:19 pm (14 years ago)
Ainan says:

My PC...I bought it Jan 23, 2002, but it was a showroom model, so add maybe another year on top of that (I had seen the exact same computer in the store in 2001...it didn't sell well...and I understand why :S)

I feel the same as SirWonkus about my PC. It's not slow, really, and same, it does what I want it to. It's decent enough to run most of the new games out there...that's all I need, really.

I think a good time for a new computer is when there isn't much more you can do to your existing one, or it's just not worth upgrading certain parts. My PC is crappy, only 851mhz...takes SD RAM and doesn't support AGP graphics card slots. I have done a few upgrades to it, like added RAM and gave it a graphics card (the only one that I could find that was PCI) Really, I should have just bought a new PC, because SD RAM and PCI graphics cards are being or are phased out. I just didn't have the cash to do anything but those little things...

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03:20 pm (14 years ago)
heylove says:

I got my puter a year ago. my X boyfriend bought it for me for christmas.(te he) so it's fairly new. my puter is my bestfriend so i put alot of money into it. probably alot more then i need. it's a sony vaio p4 2.4 with a gig of ddr2100 and more hard drive then i'll use in a life time. but for some reason when i have xtra money which isn't often it goes into my puter. i don't do heavy gaming or anything that requires all these upgrades but i dunno it makes me happy. my next upgrade is a p43.02 why? i dunno i just want it. and hopefully a 19"lcd for christmas that i have to pay part of :\ .

03:39 pm (14 years ago)
ViperGlyph says:

i just got done setting up my new system i just got yesterday :)) ........... stupid XP wont find my modem though.....

05:51 pm (14 years ago)
downtown08 says:

yup..same time as beeswax..august 99 when i started the uni. i havent changed a damn thing 'cept adding more ram. 500mhz intel celeron 256mb ram...no problems since. whew. savin up for a laptop.

smell that funk.

08:38 pm (14 years ago)
Xyphur says:

I have 4 computers. If my main one is too bogged down doing something, I tell my KVM to switch to use one of my other systems, and I use it until my main one finishes. Simple. Never even have to move; scroll lock + scroll lock + 1/2/3/4 to choose the port. All drives across each system are mapped, so I can easily work from on machine on the next, and so on.

ph33r :P

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08:45 pm (14 years ago)
bijou says:

Mine is ancient...December '99....but in celebration of my computer's 4th birthday im buying a new one! YAAYY! I can't wait :)

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09:19 pm (14 years ago)
Knarf says:

April 2003, a p4 shuttle 2.4g and 80 G HD, + a 120 G external HD and 1 G fast memory, 2 lcd screens and it's a marvel, I love it :))))))

10:06 pm (14 years ago)
LTD says:

Athlon XP2000+. Just upgraded the RAM to 768mb a couple of months ago. It should be good for quite a while. Most of the time I exceed the "recommended" systems specs lists for most applications . .except I don't haev DirectX9 compatibility, but I might be getting a better Radeon soon. . . .

10:29 pm (14 years ago)

I got mine a little over a month ago, specs are in my profile.

Xyphur... you didnt answer the question

FrostedFlames | Submission Admin

11:51 pm (14 years ago)
PeteCee says:

Got mine on May this year for my b'day (specs in profile also). Still plays all the latest games very well, including the new Half-Life 2 beta which was it's biggest test I think.

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12:30 am (14 years ago)
Xyphur says:

...didn't need to, main system specs are in profile. ;)

I'd have to say that the entire system is probably no more than 6 months old... but that's not all true, as parts of it are far older than the mobo/cpu/mem. Namely the TNT-2 Ultra (I keep it around cuz of it's awesome TV-in/out via s-video)

But, in a few days I'm going to grab a 22" NEC Multisync FE1250 Flat-tube... making my KVM even more of an importance. Also, at the same time, probably yanking the 256 DDR333 out and dropping in 2 sticks of 512 DDR400, mem is cheap so might as well make that my late b-day gift to myself (aside from the monitor). :)

We'll see how much I have left over, but I might get a slightly faster proc too. I'm thinking a 2600+ with the Barton core, and 333 FSB. Probably won't happen right away though, most likely end up deciding to wait and save, and then just get the fastest proc my board can run. Which as of now, is the 3000+ Barton.

I have never, and will never, buy a complete system from a retailer. What I've built for myself thus far, has almost always been far superior to any of my friends' retail systems. Yes, I'm a hardware geek. Sue me. :)

:: Xyphür ::

12:37 am (14 years ago)
Xyphur says:

btw, yes that monitor is huge, and would be expensive as fsck, but I'm getting it used. $239 CDN.


:: Xyphür ::

12:39 am (14 years ago)

no Xyphur, the question was how old is your system. In your first response you did not answer the question. How old your system is, isnt in your profile either.

Not that it matters, but I just needed to prove myself right.

FrostedFlames | Submission Admin

01:13 am (14 years ago)
MaRZ says:

hmm..this laptop.. its a year old..but i got it second hand from my dads office so its really 3 years old...heh its a 399MhZ but it still kickin ass..only sad part is..only game i can play properly with the specs is Worms Armageddon

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02:11 am (14 years ago)
MaRZ says:

o and its only got 6.04 gigs..n 128MB mem n a 16bit video card ..so all you people bitchin about slow your comp is plz shutup

-- superman used invisible strings to fly...

02:12 am (14 years ago)

I just got a new system on Friday, but prior to that, I had my old system for about a year, and the one before that, about 3 years :)

03:56 am (14 years ago)
Hicama says:

Nov of 2000, i dont do a lot of stuff that needs a lot of number crunching except fast fourier transforms so i dont really need a faster/better/stronger computer. i run xp, stability is great and there's no cash to buy anything better anyway.

04:10 am (14 years ago)
DoorinD says:

i keep pretty up to date, i buy parts at different times... i think my mobo/processor and video card are almost a year old now. good stuff tho, no need to upgrade just yet. there's always the urge there tho... to get this or that or whatever even though it wont make all that much of a difference. curse of the computer geek, i guess.

my monitor is a 17" from a 1997 gateway :). still works fine, never needed to upgrade it.

i do a major update about every 2 years.



05:57 am (14 years ago)
harper says:

My Dell Dimension 8100 is like 3 years old, maybe more. My Compaq (ShitPaq, damn I wish I never bought it...) is 2 months old (Been sent in to the company for repair, twice!! I don't recommend the Compaq Presario 2175us, laptop (or any other Compaq for that matter) to anyone.

My iBook is 1 week old (just got it, yay!!)

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06:33 am (14 years ago)
RaCeR says:

my system is about 1 year old. but its still not done, still got to get a dvd+-rw and a new monitor, preferably a flatpanel. my laptop, hmm...about 2-3 years old, hand-me-down last year from my grandma, she didnt use it anymore(funny thing tho she bout a new dell laptop a month ago after getting pissed at one of those internet on you tv things).

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07:29 am (14 years ago)
_long says:

March '03. AthlonXP2400+, 1GigDDR400, 240Gig SATA, 19" Sony + 17" Sony. Wanna get a DVD Writer as well next year, I think the price should go down by about half on current models by next year.


08:13 am (14 years ago)
spr33 says:

Specs in profile. Most parts bought Sept. '02.

12:12 pm (14 years ago)
Dokt says:

My current system is about a month old - built it myself - P4 2.66C, Abit IC7-G mobo, Radeon 9800 Pro 128, 2Gb Crucial PC3200 DDR RAM, 300Gb HD (half SATA, half IDE) and best of all, my lovely 22" Liyama Vision Master Pro monitor. Prior to that I had a dual PIII 800 system for a couple of years, which I still use for all my rendering stuff. I plan to keep this current system as up-to-date as possible, swapping out items as they become obsolete.

02:53 pm (14 years ago)
ChrisG says:

I bought this machine last January, so it's about a year old. 1.8GHz Celeron with WinXP. I'll probably keep it for another two years or so. I definitely need to install more RAM though.


02:57 pm (14 years ago)
ViperGlyph says:


07:01 pm (14 years ago)
Narco says:

I have two computers:
1) A 286 with 64kHz of raw processing power. I got it sometime in the early 90's. It runs on Windows 3.1 and the only games it can run are solitaire, pacman, and minesweeper. I keep it because of the sentimental value.

2) A P2 500MHz w/ Win98. Got it in Aug. 2000. It has 64MB of RAM, 8 of which are assigned to video, leaving me with 56. Fairly decent, but I need a newer one.

01:17 am (14 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

Why would anyone go buy a Compaq, Hp, Dell or gateway computer when you never really know what you get in them....and they always suck...why you could just go out and build a system yourself for damn near half the cost and it would be twice as good. Seriously, i got a amd athlon 1800+, MSI k7n2 delta mb, 2gig ddr ram, 120 gig hardy and a geforce 3 ti500 for prolly...1/2 the price of any crap ass already put together one. i believe in total i paid about $900 for it. well away from the $1500 or so for a Hp or other blah computer.

02:18 am (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

can you build an apple?
i bet you can't, would be nice tho.

life is a thrill, when your skill is developed, if ain't got a skill or trade, shut the hell up!

03:56 am (14 years ago)
ViperGlyph says:

YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! finaly got my system to work just right!!!!! i had to freaking reformat....... i have officialy built my first system....im finaly in the gz range.. ive just been upgrading a custom one for 5 years. and yeah i think i found a site about something along the lines of building a mac.

04:10 am (14 years ago)


FrostedFlames | Submission Admin

06:34 am (14 years ago)
Knarf says:

who would like to build a mac anyway ?

06:40 am (14 years ago)
MegaMann says:

3 Months...
P4 2.53Ghz, 512( :( )SDRam, 160Gb hdd, GF FX 5600 256Mb.. and then i bought a 21" Nokia 445Xpro from a friend last week...

And to the guy who complained about compaq: Presario 8000 ain't that bad? My father got one some day's ago...
P4 3.2Ghz, 1Gb SDRam, 250Gb hdd, GF FX 5900 256mb...

07:13 am (14 years ago)
wreth says:

i think i got mine in '99 aswell,
except ive changed the processor and added memory a few times... It seems to play most of the games and stuff i want it to, well so far anyway..
Its a Celeron 850mhz, 512 SDRAM, GF2 64mb, 40gb and 10 gb hard drives.

07:45 am (14 years ago)
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