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need a bit more advice from the community

a deadly fart says:

mucho gracias to u all for ur help on my last q.. now .. how do u change the font in the names of files.. icons.. and what not...also i use block os and simple icons.. they look decent on my desktop.. but they also get pixele when i open up a folder.. is there a way to resize my icons???.. welll thanks all.. gonna fiddle with some programs


01:45 am, Wednesday, July 24, 2002 (14 years ago)
s pl IT5 02 says:

download desktop architect, its good

-I don't not have no idea

01:46 am (14 years ago)

also.. do u guys know how to set it so that all folders i open up will open up using detail view?.. i dont want to go through every folder and change the view for each one


03:48 am (14 years ago)
ChimpAction says:

In XP, open any folder, change to your desired view, then go Tools/Folder Options/View and select Apply to all folders. Can't remember if this is the same method as other versions of Windows, but the same option will be there somewhere...

04:31 am (14 years ago)
DON-JUAN says:


i am interested in these wonders but i couldnt use them. is there anyone to say me how can i use them. i am win98 user.

05:05 am (14 years ago)

thanks for the help all... mucho gracias


02:45 pm (14 years ago)
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