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You're right for is up here on the bench okay

jasnsine says:

You're right for is up here on the bench okay and then that left foot is gonna scum is far to your left as possible and we’re going to get this out below rested right in the center %hour me okay now we want to keep your hips in trunk and Shane in alignment so you wanna kinda twist your trunk a bit more you feel comfortable there you can it take to the imposing your little yeah about it or do anything can for I so here you go three units there the whole time good and you going to let yep so you gonna can I just work around this knee joint and you're going to come down but that little or going down.
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01:41 am, Friday, September 05, 2014 (1 month ago)
karenmills says:

You eat that burger it's not even thatbig its like this big you eat that burger bills yet the lakenow are hungrily where is it eat 400 calories uncleanfoods you got this big fucking he's got this huge ass million year oldfourth like a very long time and you'll feel like she had 13 it's aslight you don't know a bloody in satin this now yet like market deals well slim what you can have my but later with andanother good thing about being in shape is say you want to eat that she burger newUnited feel like shit prime on the I mean I still like John your and what'sincludes button if you do news lately whose its stone either all times inevery now and then I had pizza yesterday walls my deep dislike beat San that this bill was like warrant caloriesI E and i woke up today weightless missedthat makes me mad because I I the calories it was four Alpha Fuel XT hundred yearslike this being our you know I'll be fine you know I haven'thad or anything I fucked my horse it well rest theirAubry I a bowl cereal.............

11:23 pm (1 month ago)

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