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Their a debt in the switch it up

jasminejacm says:

Their a debt in the switch it up in you find out you know what works for you what time away away as a quite the chatty are my cars before three o'clock in that's just arm a guy better than Ollie happen unrealistic about that I'll I stay up till about midnight last night I am and I found myself really hungry but I try to stop eating eat dinner or what I want to eat by five o'clock in here much and it was like well desk analyst not realistically being a check to: to midnight you might want to stretch it out to from six or seven play you know quite what is always the biggest meal there would be like satellite arm without a bread for me himself you know she sighed because my stomachs talking to me about 10:30 in many it's like I got it started.
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04:47 am, Wednesday, September 03, 2014 (2 months ago)
kelschtonia says:

To see demand for 226 who's going to winbetween johnnie Rashaan to I think John is unbeatable not nobody's me i know im proud to saythat a vanished solemn let but listen wish on its anybody has a chance it rampaging landed as solid punch inthe Chi I coulda been lights-out on I think thatwas shot has a lot of tools in the arsenal and think mental game is really gonnacome into play and who you were shot as a lot moreexperience than John and that being said John is obviously avery smart ground stable fighter it's gonna be really interesting I don'tthink John is unbeatable I don't think any people and but I do you think that'sgoing to be a great fight we will be there for that fight I'mreally looking forward to it don't you know anybody can beat them inhis last talk the more John fights the more what youhave on more you can start here on out it whenit first came out guns blazing he just took everybody by stormy such an enigma but now think you canstart to figure him out that being said he just keeps gettingbetter so I don't know I think he could bechamp for a very long time certainly but...........

12:02 am (2 months ago)

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