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You're going to be stalled out your career

mclumjohn says:

You're going to be stalled out your career you’re not going to get promoted I the last thing to really know about mastery is that you have to be able to not only movie yourself for excellence we have to bounce back everybody I setbacks everybody has bad test everybody has that class a rough semester but instead of blaming the external world or even just saying Raider something of me I'm that I'm that science I've never been good at English you have to bounce back you have to take that as constructive criticism feedback so that you could pick yourself up take the information and run with it go somewhere have so the third point from Dana things lecture is this idea of purpose for you know what your purposes is really about asking big questions why am I in college what do I want to get out of this time.
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02:41 am, Tuesday, September 02, 2014 (2 months ago)

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