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It didn't have very much for the throne

jasminamarkl says:

It didn't have very much for the throne on of in weekdays wheelbase lost 3 I felt like they didn't burn all the way down to the bottom so there's all this feisty candle wax I don't know why which is if Obama because he's really small anyway the next time or tonight this is a nice sense it's probably not accent thought I would agree I all right you can enjoy it that much and again the week never really competency for the day on and I've tried to Sir then it'd be more but the week’s completely gone and the lost when I have here is twinkling not this was the worst of the whole life it but la casa candling and the week completely burnt out sorry yet this is abet more Christmas.
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02:39 am, Thursday, August 28, 2014 (2 months ago)
AnnBogan123 says:

I like a week or so on the hook withJuly I think I want to do it lou but i wanna do a little dark blue by your arm if you like the color are good what I used in the description marks thelost I am I month do it is whalen I'm had a little disclaimer if you don't like I'll skin lighteningare you don't believe in feelin a little light skin bleaching arm you'll have to watch this video I'm youlook at the time so you know one thing it's not about you saw the the picture arm for the video sleep no we're not talkingabout so you don't need sources video I'm also ifyou leave .

05:35 am (2 months ago)

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