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You sure yeah hello his role shortest

jamesdarm says:

You sure yeah hello his role shortest good ass 30 back head top we're halfway there doing great yes just pacing yourself I or three well yes I doo nice and behind him the that he in the middle with you lilies he's who leaves organized being really slow hands yes halfway there good afternoon you're sonic guys it's working alright for 3 to what from the side you will be a new fast feet prisoners aligned any just walking over yes panel also feet ass is nice he will this tissue pacing yourself just trying to keep your heart rate up doing great asset sales I for three to and wild okay guys let's get is don't know stressed out.
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04:41 am, Wednesday, August 27, 2014 (2 months ago)
chachabutt says:

yes you feat I trial well 0 hmm yeah well so enter Senate okay yeah okay have course 10 s for I'll 30 exercise try through he said for 10 it saying and are starting with your I yes hey start right now yeah Schreyer you’re up just do cross crash okay first real by the not see happening ho home my entire sections 0 by good die play so it'd be it in the anyway I for her it more she way dole which is hard the 0 using today its big see it can help me I hear my sure 11 here's where just right here Eddie I L paid for it something that shallows you did that say just does this it yet super maxman power tired just his up p okay well third it you fish which it church call class take here class take years feel it all they should HS rollbacks 0 okay take 0 are fire holy cat yes for 0 %uh yeah all just call back call you 10 asks me her fast %uh okay I K yes only I around I sledge schools are okay yeah Satan day catbird my past workout a lot level-headed like here %uh hmmm let she's of all I that %uh kids call her this 0 but UK see her a she thought hacker playing 3 from their decision I have yeah she is all and here 0 yes y agora his for me on my I from here okay %uh okay hey there the taking kid my okay we have so of arms yes I'm day every sigh and cop.

06:04 am (2 months ago)
GaryWard330 says:

With Praia so to help me are scooped up man dump the young man murdered William the back p.m. so that big you about gunfire I just remember hearing that the sounds of ball it's hitting the top of the immune system at all taking and that's a I'll take that away from all that spring the sound that I’ll never forget it would be among the last acts have Harrison P bolts killing spree I'm they.

06:06 am (2 months ago)

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