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We don’t want to increase the pH in

menymakl says:

We don’t want to increase the pH in the stomach we gonnamake it more alkaline we wanted very acidic and environment a stunning per two major reasons your body produces the big asset to protect you so I want you producing assets real sterilizer food to keep yourself safe what are the biggest problems do we have our modern culture his people taking these drugs to stop their acid production and then things begin growing inside them and then there's a whole system end toxemia week ago we could get into but you want acid in the stomach secondarily you’ve got to have acid digest especially proteins you will not break down food effectively without the stomach acid there is some the enzyme activity in the mouth and such but you need an acid environment but you want to continue this to me the rest in the body should be relatively alkaline so we do want to do things to bring.
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07:48 am, Monday, August 25, 2014 (2 months ago)

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