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There is no sleep you have been through a lot this

katty_marlin says:

There is no sleep you have been through a lot this year gosh you met the other half your family yes idea you scale okay yeah you know home it was media fake a lot of times people don't understand would you become ascertain weight it is not necessarily because you like to eat that's how I deal with my stress and that was issued for me never having that my dad you know and the but the issues that calls with Amy I was ready to face it and deal with it so that I can actually move on with my life you know I didn't have the opportunity to actually I meet my father by but that's okay you know because I still receive their love it I can get I would never grant I would never commit to it p Skylark you feel and by that I talk to doctor check and he told me all about Scion that's the cards I was dealt chair now they have to do is play my hand again this is this is my one year to get it goal it does it start to finish p alright you know the drill /urn the dishes are alright delay and for stepped on the scale one year ago for 930 Justin displayed day you’re not joints you cue yes you can that he's about this you keep sabotage yours I just feel I’m so hot the opposed to get rid of transmission it the after the final way see what could possibly happen to make Nile react like this will check in with for several months Ketone Slim XT later see what she's doing now for me space make a life and then when you first left on a scalene year ago your phone and 35 the in I'll be honest eyes planes see 29 I'll make me it's certainly been.

02:42 am, Thursday, August 21, 2014 (2 months ago)

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