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markjasin says:

There's I've come to understand this is not a lot of people that have the body composition I do but I also going to believe they can do it was just a matter of a my system in the program in just eating and living the way I do but so right now its 50 grams a car today can but Gary all change that if my blood sugars tends to be hot so I'll drop it down like a if there’s blood sugar floating around in my blood work on bygone go on does more insulin to help bring that down which is called correction and then influx more crabs and so I'm basing that on my blood sugar levels every day but nine times that it and its 50 gramscarbs before my workout and I really like a sweet potato and you know um that that typically every single day right now is seated or so each 50 grams car today 50 grams of protein every single meal.
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02:56 am, Friday, August 15, 2014 (3 months ago)
cahilllaurie says:

you seen the proof that this worksbeyond any shadow of a doubt so you must accept the plain truth thatyour actions and your choices right now in this moment have a far-reachingimpact on your life the medical facts prove that good or badyour body will respond the same way human bodies responded for millennia to food and exercises by releasing veryspecific chemical compounds history proves that eating a modern dietcauses death and disease my results my mom and dad and brothersresult and the results of thousands of othersjust like us speak for themselves so there's no question this will work see you can't remove the benefits aremaking the right choice right now but likewise you also can't remove theconsequences making bad decisions either if you continue to eat food spikeyour insulin levels you'll certainly not be alone in factover fifty percent of adult over the age of 50 suffer from a diseasedoctors refer to as obesity syndrome the majority of cases were mainundiagnosed until something major happens like a heart attack heart disease orstroke or if you're lucky and don't have a lifeinning of an your only suffer the pain of a life-altering disease like diabetes which often leads to poor eyesightseizures and amputations when left unchecked and choosing to continue cruising alonglike you are refusing to modify.......

11:21 pm (3 months ago)
reneeworley says:

so-called way awesome year is out there today talking aboutresults like that in their own family when other saw theseresults I quickly became an unofficial weight loss coach everyone Iknow and that's when they ganged up on me and told me that I needed to sharepale yellow bird with the world and with such solid proof that thisworks for regular folks like us to just follow the system I knew it was time to spread the wordbecause this system will work for just about anyone however let me becompletely honest with you if you're one of those people whorefuses to make any changes or if you believe that you can loseweight by reading a book taking a pillar having a surgery or if you're stilllooking for america Lancer to just fall from the sky and especially if you think that youalready know that this will never work for you then leave this page right now this is not ....

11:16 pm (3 months ago)
jessicacm says:

You doing around are single crochets now you want to repeat these rounds through arm and I'm not sure exactly show me rounds active back here sorry the Arctic frost but the I did rounds arm you know what's a little bit more the video term when I get back and I'll tell you for sure exact so one should not be around include Act will go back to around six and then repeated again from around six to and then just keep repeating and I sent I’ll come back in a few minutes let you know for sure how many times I think that okay my last left you we're starting our own loving on it tell you how much I'm here are you sometimes so this brown one got questions someone to for by this is on Google share increase grown its fine sent aids and missus mind not tomorrow.

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11:18 pm (3 months ago)
floramondy says:

how should we treat alcohol out and and they have them and the eatingduring this time yes wall you know next week when we talkabout their that's a great question and in South eternity N next week we will talk even more but a little just tip before we go today is be careful with alcohol and alsodon't think I which because the holidays you know I can justlet loose on the ice you will feel better of alcohol makessleepy anyway makes tired Tobago dilator makes allyour best bangs just collapsed I just like you know they just expand a.m. dots I'll it's hard to even get blood becausethey're so relax blood up to your heart so you have todayon any really more like badly you know really om you know get you acup of coffee to stay awake and have a good time party up but a you know I enjoy people enjoi lie and you will get more enjoyment addedjust moderation in alcohol moderation in theperiod don't sit there and think........

11:16 pm (3 months ago)

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