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bryantjames523 says:

Home I my oils all around my face my neck my chest I want to take care my eyes now so I use a haul runic acid around my eyes and it is by German beauty X haul runic I live serum I visit TJ Maxx for $ I just found another my life so excited to actually set well till this little thing is a little gem to mean if really it's just is percent purely aleuronic acid it comes with a little stopper I take to drop small drops on my fingertips I justice I shouldn’t lightly and I will just take and PAH all around me underneath my over my I use my brow bone and I'm just headed in I'll allow it to set ok I so they have is you don't have to do this bus me I'm skin care addict I do it okay and again I'm trying washer I into my eye area and helping to prop up just slightly okay now the next thing I'm going to talk about am I am I have never I don't think our set this word in video about a product and basically cut I just don't like the word Holy Grail bus I'm going to say this eye cream formed is my holy grail I free I am years old I have worked in the cosmetic industry forty years and years in years I have you so many different eye cream some I have liked some.

12:49 am, Saturday, August 09, 2014 (3 months ago)

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