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Dietary supplement industry attracts scam artists

jslatermary says:

The collards have been suffering from a particularly ugly infestations through JK's goober garden jungle we go have passed his stricken tree collard greens here and let's go take a peek at what he has over here wow well got what do we have here these not Fb1-Test like some seriously infested tree collard greens and just what are these bugs and the president colony who are these little suckers has been happening John's happiest recall it leaves I mean my god they certainly on the town here.
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09:16 am, Thursday, August 07, 2014 (3 months ago)

It's super light there's no snow atoll I have is completely fragrance-free it feels like water in Silver light amazing here for at all it's easily conditioner nestle we going through the magical most and this is a great product for anybody it works for all tastes here it doesn’t feel happy it has a guess they hear a lot of body and volume without feeling like you have a lot of product and it doesn't get hard crunchy even met him don't normally like to have dinner here will like to use is as well is it just that little bit control without feeling like allied here comes out as a foam so all these demonstrating that next we have the super spray and this is an amazing product because it has several functions that can be used as spray gel to get a little extra volume in here if you need use as a scratching straight to get curls like mine a week and I have nice girls all day long without freezing outland it's also the hairspray that doesn't contain any alcohol and also thermal spray so you can use ion your hair for you and curly hair are flat area to protect it from the heat next is my just joking and this is a fabulous gel.

11:13 pm (3 months ago)
misterjakob says:

The gimmicks and this is definitely not manipulative approach that can harm your relationship long-term rather the drug its ring system is result over years of study analyzing the most successful long-term relationship case studies ever as well as looking at the real reasons behind relationship failures and creating and non pushy solution to the a job I love women feeling like they put all the work into a relationship and now starting today their success cane your success to you this success has we study and successfully duplicated give you the freedom to easily meet attract and gain a man's enthusiastic commitment to you and your future together all while your relationship source to new levels your connection to each other grows and you finally claimed the love relationship can life you absolutely deserve now before we go any further it's only air that I B absolutely percent honest with you if you're looking for that magic pill relationship answer our view what just another short trek like playing hard to get that seems to be returning bad or some other plan that.


11:17 pm (3 months ago)

I mentioning in this video I say that this would just go headto head with any the ones I mentioning the next part a purchase a purchase forseveral other reasons and I think that in skin care products and I don't wannago often accused tension here but there are ingredients that are sortof proven to work in the scan in there are ingredients that are more along thelines that gimmicky things and I think about halfthe gimmicky things have a good amount of scientific researchbehind them that they can you know help stimulate collagen production or theycan plump the skin or they can perhapspenetrates the lower levels in the skin but again they're not really in theproven category like a hydroxy acids like vitamin C likecertain vitamin E E by I'll certain retinoids they're notreally proven proven and want to be angry is that I i is who the does have a nice hot body ofevidence behind it to support that is really good for the skin as vitamin C so I was looking for just avitamin C 0% and I went with this very popular company Abbasi and I gottheir vitamin C Serum and let me follow the box here how manydo you may recognize this because this is a a product that is very popular in themarket on I got a 10 percent and it comes for the basic comes in 10 15 and 20percent I'm normally.

11:45 pm (3 months ago)

your kidneys an expert will strain on your kidneys so protein is a very completelymetabolized protein as is whey protein is are very almost you knowthe most pure in you know Ideal Protein is encouragingtwo people allergic to act not going and I'm pretty for me anywayif you a tax I'm but so I protein whey protein or thenext step down have really well tolerated you knowalmost completely digested and absorbed therefore easy onthe kidney sources approaching okay next question am in the program work for someoneavoiding so I yes other we don't yet have a turnaroundkept option that includes way we have our wonderful on Shaklee 180 onway sooner these that com in Panola I'm me he made seesome additional flavor options down the road we are committed to continuing tohave an on-site option for people who can'tdo so I for whatever reason on answer and also are working on having on the street canisters in the turnerand can't be way as opposed to so I at some point in time at this point intime I we we just have to om manually put thattogether for people we don't have our options but a lot ofpeople who made just want to minimize or so and take they still could do am and ear that the dismiss sorry there's my there's my I'm the badperson there with the found working you thank you down I'm cell we'reworking on those weigh options for you om and will let you know you'll seesomething coming along and there aren't manypeople who I'm me think their senses resort or they maybe avoiding so wait for other reasons other than they know thatthey're allergic to rethink and tested for that so.

11:29 pm (3 months ago)
philomena says:

I really predicted him be a little bit higheractually i bridgette B size second-place I really think that he probably has thepotential to be but Olivia champion or in that top to to do you know what two spots most upleads us to put our altogether time is gonna be right forhim not be in because of his stature because I lovebecome a busy bee has but its part very very possible for himand i think is its in his future to the interview teachers as long as he keeps on the same courseis going right now well you know a Dennis what I mean is that these 34years old this year so he's a product that long as has a thought-out branch Warren in in fifth place now he'sa bit shorter for bodybuilders so maybe to him he doesn't have the same problemsa I dennis has but he also has to come ina certain way to be at his best and he really wanted to be right up there any top to top toomaybe even when the show do you want to win and any disease or fight so to him maybeat this point we make him come in fifth yeah I think he was he was visiblydisappointed at the finals when I summer prejudging I haven'tfourth.......

12:26 am (3 months ago)
huntdenise says:

I V then pain right now I'm good theresomeone and I'll woke up and i Carl even get I go to walkand i cant even once I just got back on the bed and waited till mark but like quit hurting bad I got talked about that because beforewe leave and I've got some bad news sport I yeah a doctor doctor shot and theresults came in from your X-ray you got tendinitis and at nasa case afighter fish eyes your place yeah cousin that were not becrying out loud but what we do you have planned isn'tawesome album Cobbs Hill the bridge to nowhere and it's easy toget to that bridge the jump off on well you have bad isn't awesome dog uptill the bridge to nowhere and it can you get to that bridge we'regonna jump off 32 I'm serious I want to come up withanother milestone that's meaningful for her to take thatproverbial re birthday its gonna challenger but at the sametime it will have a deeper emotional impact in any airmen bungee-jumping bar I've neverdone anything like that matter %uh this bridge is no joke the bridges 40 stories high its previous several hundred foot dropit's time to take the lead I'm violence you that the scale says the last time the slain me to 189 pounds into Phase one yes and I gave you thegoal 255 pounds and the last three months for paystubbrown at this scale says 234 pounds or less it your goal I from urban park yeah me me feel on me the racially he did major goal on 239 the last fifty pounds yeah he did lose 55 be a lost 50 pounds when I first started this thing I cantell myself....

11:37 pm (3 months ago)
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