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jhoncrics says:

This is the only time I will do what I because I don't have a must be working you still works up Taylor call in sick every month you should just wet yeah if you can I mean what's the point 0 well what we also have a second peanuts and I get so than a special box night San bought like or on Sat in knots and %uh and where is character those on but anyway that's going on here and you guys are slowly update as to what you're all the way yeah and Josh yellow people keep typing and stuff like that we're looking for musicians show Collins alongside miss you bottom dollar yes say it must she kept I and while you’re doing that way to get you we're going to jump into the news um I'll let me say last week along I'll the international world and a lot of the of making bodies all that I know slow down a little bit will the Olympics /urn because I'll no ocular defunct decked out thank you let me know yeah a lot of well or as our guest Ellen no damn it we have a guest way he's too tired echo I love it I'll other you up but anyway I'm the hundreds are going on I'm even watching self.
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06:33 am, Monday, August 04, 2014 (2 months ago)

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