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Doctors are recommending for it

robizee65 says:

It masking in that a lot up people that are crushing it and then smash it how are you friends with these people I'm friends with them because I call and I get on a plane I go when I make a shell I think it's a good thing to do with Mario I remember one evening I with having dinner where Mariana Maria we are sitting around this roundtable everything hi heavy players there these guys that were I know they're multi-millionaires up I I know that they have managed billion to two dollars at least at least 2 a.m. table or and they put everyone about on the hot seat didn't expect it I thought we're just having a nice conversation and a nice dinner and then all the sudden I like a let's play Nazi I realize that they do this step for fun things they that they asked me what what’s your endgame oil do you want to accomplish in the next three years where are you now.

05:09 am, Friday, August 01, 2014 (3 months ago)

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