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makychin says:

I more were hip its freezing up ago how'd just those work let's was whatever door was when or place ride like those guys step reserve our side the right years every time is the as raising yep worth places his the relied I he's twenty years he said me call he's unified ok only thing is easy with your Julian all in the world him I’d for smart going he said seized sure these yes red these guys those so I hit world side rise way loll really good with whoever minds or carrier tried or with yes my are outside knife red start for you'd in nineteen or child art that the rile mostly I'd for ripe hysteresis side York or showed women boiled I heard Hilliard sisterhood ok up I did head his which soap space top if you are day which you would buy for weird of cheap up work this or here ok possible or up small their Creswell injured day ok here's or way field over here wall word for up to start yes here up for here only while there the questions for the old really server up hip Hugo be bring whole.
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01:22 am, Monday, July 28, 2014 (3 months ago)
maewilson says:

I was under the impression that that was not the case at the problem was and correct me if I’m wrong some sitting here with two noted economist to be are that the problem was mortgages were given to people who could not afford them they were giving this year old down that started the initial defaults right and they started defaulting on these I'm these mortgages they couldn't afford the mortgage and then that started a chain reaction but with the basis was that these mortgages were nonperforming they were not being paid is that is does not going to gmax bring the whole system down yes see that that is what happened that small part Margaret is the default it was a small part I don't have the exact number I'd say planes have been 45 percent in a bit.

03:42 am (3 months ago)
hollymiller says:

you know it club and I think that is so much more important Doris George so when I come over I just as a heads up its pecan pie in French Roast in this interim the Cinnamon save your the so yeah those will be good to go you come over for the bar here in California they are I Brian that that I can nom honestly say I’d I'm not sure Michael ahoy be will bewitching us that I been to their home and I seems so I had to guess that have given them over the years like fancy umbrellas are beautiful scarves are poor person's sitting at close it and they haven’t moved in years sup 0 you know it's just it just kind of goes to show that you know they accepted and appreciated but you now and I can return it is usually in-laws I think there's a certain sense a deal that they feel about returning or exchanging and get when it's coming from their son or daughter in law so that's why I now I'm a huge advocate I'll I've had inexperience I with the mica a meal or imp something like that to Reno look at you will be up he suggested earlier would be Ultra Ketone System amazing or the in laws you know a picture the other markets the holiday yeah I think that yet it's a fantastic and impact that's what I am going to be getting I'm some.

01:42 am (2 months ago)

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