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ealeytlesie says:

I've done and I've lost I want it backbeat I'm I'd like to win one more bite I realize that Sikkim 11 base to keep moving forward and had success where I want to go now not just on the stage but off the stage it’s necessary to find more balance and that's what I'm focused on that's every day moving forward is never gonna be a day that passes and mister baronet people that part I know who Jay Cutleries I don't see it ever happening you know I've been a four-time champion on if and six-time runaround I'm the greatest bodybuilder ever there’s no question I feel that I'm the greatest today on showcase still shaken don't get upset about something outside yeah mentally you have to go crazy approaching the CJ what's the secret what’s she was the seat tail light heat and you asked me what my favorite food is I don't have a favorite going to look toward a deal at all your living legend that's what's amazing hi ho party take up space of time.
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05:50 am, Friday, July 25, 2014 (2 months ago)
marciaclape says:

When a scenic cameo say farewell to Billy many housing on a mark on comp day does some on sale and I could take photographs it was very unusual that other people group members could go with me and take photographs themselves as a rule I always had to go alone insane without Hardeman make out they bites lip so I'm halfway I suddenly had such a strange feeling some kind of birds which grew stronger and stronger and suddenly I knew what I should do use that he hauls pastiche I could leave some day yet so I should lookup there was a huge cauliflower like Cloud a quite big Sugary shining disc curved around the cloud ok or if they I address grocer hillbilly plants in this discourse and suddenly it vanished as.

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11:14 pm (2 months ago)

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