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leslietealey says:

I have no choicethat's what they choose was with you was at a post-race March always a poster by itself yes cost $35 yes okallpolitics greatest if it's thirty-five dollars then yeah my chest yeah you have my hopes and come-on you all-star me and in a bad mood even flowers and I came on a bad mood this morning's an essay run through this time we play at this time for special offers snow this is I admit half my license plate I’m three-quarters of my life this place start justice assist now this we have no time for fun don't the I'm you know I've been a four-time champion on if been six-time runaround and I'm the greatest bodybuilder ever there’s no question I feel that I'm the greatest %uh I still want to compete at my best. event the Asia Madden you know people say past her prime I mean yeah I don't know if there's any past your prime when I'm still competitive you don't think about that you're not going to show it's a one past my prime just on it further you know just to stand up there that’s not how an ass leader of a champion bodybuilder .
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02:35 am, Friday, July 25, 2014 (3 months ago)

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