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markaltany says:

I'm acne free finally and in less than four weeks into the program thank you for making a difference Tony Russo 17 Brooklyn New York 0 dear Mike since my teenage years I was played with severe cystic acne for almost 14 years I suffered from frequent and severe flare-ups like many other acne sufferers I had assumed the acne was a teenager's thing so was obviously very frustrating when my acne only worsen with age despite my devotion to get rid of this problem the constant trips to the dermatologist in thousands of dollars spent on skin care products after reading your Acne No More book I immediately felt confident and empowered to solve the problem suddenly there was a clear well structured plan to follow that seems so logical and promising as opposed to saying backing passively accepting my fate even though Acne No More is not a quick fix cure by any means.
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01:32 am, Friday, July 25, 2014 (2 months ago)
annezeiger says:

I guess it depends on which part of the country and we're talking about chronic sinusitis what is it some people know what it is and they have reoccurring issues with sinusitis every single year but what is it due to do you feel maybe it's just allergens in the air readies bacteria without fungus have you thought about phone gets in a while and I say in a while because many people correlate the word fungus with athlete's foot and while that is true did you know that fungus can take up residence been your nose and it can be extraordinarily serious you might think well you just have excess mute yes congestion maybe a little facial pain you know this is normal as part of dealing with allergies that's the flock today reconsider certain over-the-counter medications or some antibiotics for what reason I don't know will get into some of that in a in little bit but I have a natural way of dealing with the chronic sinusitis in many cases not all is due to fungus but if you use antibiotics eight years over-the-counter treatments or he has warm Gmax water insult to clear your nasal passages of the congestion and to kill the fungus how do you really done a good job and if so one of the side-effects of the treatments you used has the fungus for I’ve off of the treatments.

03:49 am (2 months ago)

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