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jolyanglina says:

I haven't seen any activity for our session I'll heads in a probe to both eyes to see if that connection still in use so we specified a connection detection lucky verify the data connections are no longer in use and then get rid of them if it does get a response back from the probe that the still active it can go ahead and leave them up by default the CD dead connection detection is turned off we were to take a look at randomizing sequence numbers which happens by default we turn that of for the BDPauthentication will salute using option 19 as a TCP map to allow option 19 through the ASA and one other item right here that we haven't touched by it is TTL with TTL we Senate race route through a device a router takes the TTL de commencer bygone and forward the packet so it ratio Senate eat a loved one within three packets out we get three responses we increase the detail the two and do it again well the ASA doesn't actually deck from in the TTL an IP packet was the hideout so if you want the ASA to document the TTL as it forwards packets on the network.
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03:40 am, Thursday, July 24, 2014 (2 months ago)

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