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smccoym says:

The size of the thesis of the bomb fantasyland they're going to solidify just a little bit and it was actually the owners of crispy but now I'm she we're going to keep this up for a while 45 minutes and we'll get back by now that we've cooked it for about 45 minutes work furlough shifted a little you'll also get police presence you she is a very you hear a lot of nice noises when you do this you know just someplace to hear you know it's going to be good yesterday it really nice it's just now you don't want to do it too much when she is at this point you're going to want to of make sure the chicken level on the cheek at this point is mostly cook but we are not done Testcore Pro want to leave it at the Palm okay you go on what the problem set and it's actually going to burn slightly that’s when the term with a dark brown slightly black it's actually going to be pretty Christian and this is a good thing this is what you want I can see it's getting crispy on the edges from the olive oil burning up concerning the race but she can have quite gotten there yet now her is it okay quiet the tail hook time is somewhere between like 10 and 20 minutes actually probably almost a little bit more how long do you think.
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03:21 am, Wednesday, July 23, 2014 (2 months ago)

I didn’t get where a not just singing your praises talking about you know were all sorts of its nullity arm so got you back to your car new yeah hardcore races got across the entire country get there so you have any idea Carrier KK might get cue from organ like me that we used to hang out INR can be Hancock at all a we're good friends you know Carolina years and their yeah she's used only opportunity all about everything there for dinner I'll you rather whether in Bangalore were area like okay I care yeah I'm cracked out or you are so our so anybody who use whose interested you can all mom should beginners consider it yeah in fact I have this thing I would rather you didn't know that fogbank about on a picnic I mean we out in your room aren't cool I'll income in my care and work with us because that means I don’t have many horrible bad habits brick I who were sleep on the train and I think younger than work people who drink are those people lack breath that high school football players been like your power cleaner five-year they are piece of work you got to span a long time I am doing a lot are Union grainy bad I mean if you're acting that major will be done around.

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