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The pregnant mother whether

anitacarmichael says:

The pregnant mother whether it was a human or money cystic fibrosis was corruption of genetic material caused by a deficiency in a particular where will cost me here doctor or approve this he also proved a cross-species lines in for this unbelievable gift to humanity Yerkes Primate Research Center fire doctor Waller and blackballed his research because your keys Primate Research Center was not interested in a cure ventricular something all the research money goes where number two it is in any way in selenium because it’s a naturally occurring substance you cannot pat is a naturally occurring substance and because you cannot happen to anybody can make it so if they release the data that selenium is a cure for this particular type of cystic fibrosis thank goodness sake anybody can make that Madison there's no profit margin sense that this is a runaway for-profit just did not in the free world the information was suppressed now this is problem going to come back to this in a minute doctor decided on purpose cheap for his company young jeopardy as a grassroots network business and he did this on purpose in order to populate his message up health recovery through science-based let me go right.
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10:21 pm, Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (4 months ago)

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