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Latest CCNP Routing 640-554 Dump

marydpack says:

The believes the 'cisco' being like well regatta adhere to the conventional you've got these emotions that are on just about every modify that really aren’t used it on tell so right now we have won a real experience and will say that that prevails in all the slots keep in thoughts it said it more first of shift to the international settings method now the UN's impact the modify as a whole so we do from here we type in the garden followed by now but query indicate a in which have been what you a variety we like to create so I'll preserve the garden 50 about 640-554 we begin at Beale and 50 now it requires me into a veal and settings method not query much I can do from here time I'll say there's one primary factor that I do and that is goingto be modifying the name of the UN you can see right there in the record ASCII name it's always excellent to name them because I let me secure if I do a display vet Lam up II you have to actually quit out to implement the garden settings but you can see that it titles it the name of this is cope and 00 50 the not to illustrative when you ‘retrying to find out which exactly that the UN is so go returning in there and I'll type in name .
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01:07 am, Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (3 months ago)

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