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isabelkfisher says:

I'm he don’t think so lariat you also have another just with you I did okay now I'm going to tell Dark red the press the key right down here actions down yep okay minister head phones over to her and I'm going to laureate presented this actually just that she presented on OK had it was outstanding to them under pressure places up the release I can't be like stones walls you know how my child most individuals can elect day he even heard vanish g-shock just Nu Colon Pro the things that I'm just getting okay I confess you do sir Fred's I would like since it is my by deconstruct sportsmen miss Stephanie who has dropping so much way already and her objective is to conform at the health and fitness and fitness Elan-tech proven 2012 I like that somewhat okay ok I'll start with you think you know can almost every I'm sorry to that's come with Eileen regional team out of here that there we go I D okay now Stephanie what is the last night really an French right shift did you go okay.
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04:04 am, Monday, July 21, 2014 (3 months ago)
rowlandmary says:

If they don't work if you use it at the interface little self I'm but is that we have configured YouTube channel layer and layer I use does he have to run across it so we have a job adjacency weekend we have pains work in bomb so I have this metaphor for you and Alike to thank you for viewing in the last night it we look at HSRP in all its glory which is great because now we have the foundation for both the RRP NGL BP well this should look familiar it's the same world we're looking at with HSRP however now we've transformed it for VRP and things get a little easier if you are really observant purpose person you may have noticed that my steps went from four down to three here's why you remember from the last night that we've got the setup is the doubt . that network this writer on the left has got one and this one has dot June I've reverted back to the original configurations this one up here is the dot one-dot chewed network and we actually have a server here rather than the cloud where we're communicating with again same story doubt one that.

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11:11 pm (3 months ago)

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