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Bobbyshepley4 says:

Time up because you have to remember a 100 megabits per second that standard was created win it was an era where half duplex devices were the norm they were very common out there and in what they said when they created the audit extended as they said you know what if you can't figure it out it's safer to default to half then it is to default to full duplex well nowadays they fix that with gigabit per second Gwen give it came out it was like what good great who uses half duplex anymore let's make the default full duplex which is why the auto detect issues really can't have it started fading away as gigabit per second came out so the key is if we have devices the inlet let me say this if letting and I’m trying to think I've a way to put this into a good rule of thumb to follow if you have a 100 megabit per second devices so hair mantis pearls if we have 100 megabit per second devices and they are key devices are totem but the key device you dummy but what does keep I think about in your head what was it it is a server it is a router that a lot of people use it is maybe a surveillance camera up for the security system %uh or I mean there’s d you have to think about your environment and thank if XYZ went down that would cause a major issues those are key devices those are the ones.

03:47 am, Saturday, July 19, 2014 (3 months ago)

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