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sandraswhit says:

You in this video so first of Sep report each meal and now you can see that we've gotten little example here we've got UV lens feel and 50 and 51 this computer appear will say a one-dot50 is assigned to view and fifty in this computer age here 2.5 T is assigned a veal and 51 now we could go to our router and plug it in to a switch but one port interview land fifty andyou know a sign that portable and 50 right here on the switch with the other for mobile and 51 in 100-101 ssign that port to that respectively lawn can figure these with respective IP addresses from each subnet for instance 1.1 is from the subnet were using here for the one to fifty and 2.1 is from this summit were using year for tonight fifty so what we would do is set the default gateway on this PC to you that IP address that you know within its be late the default gateway in here would be this.
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02:26 am, Saturday, July 19, 2014 (3 months ago)

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