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josyjhon says:

You may understand what it is already either by my inference or just happened already know but the idea of toll fraud is let's say for instance I have a user who is only semi malicious they're not wishing to hurt me but they're wishing to got kind of offset their bill and they’ve got a relative or a friend in another country and they've realized that they can press call forward or possibly transfer maybe they want toy in this case calling from their mobile phone to their desk phone and then transfer their call to their international friend and then leave the you know leave the premises talk on their mobile phone and go ahead and go home for the day and so they've offset or build the call over to the company same thing with Call Forward maybe I want to press call forward all and I want to specify a number 9 same in the US so nine 011 the country code and then the person’s phone number in the other country and I forward my phone all calls to that particular single number in another country.
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09:11 pm, Friday, July 18, 2014 (3 months ago)

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