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mwheelersh says:

We're doing here is creating the lands to separate devices it could be it could be we've got sales and marketing over here it could be that we have a maybe a of server farm over here and we’ve got our normal users over here there's all kinds a difference there Isa minute let me give you just one I thought if this is great common example up where the UN's can bemused actually save a lot of money so in out in the NL also put some disclaimers on this at the end but a common way to set up your internet connection is to put two routers on the outside >> 642-902 your network that connects to the service writer so let's say you're at your service writer but just give it a name is AT&T up here and so we have redundant routers that we have one goes down we have a backup over the other save got this redundant router setup and those redundant routers connect to a switch and then that which connects to you yet another layer called the firewall top it router router firewall on here so this is think bigger.
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01:27 am, Friday, July 18, 2014 (4 months ago)

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