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zonijony says:

It’s not really fully punch down and it’s kind of just barely floating over the surface of it and its parking that would definitely cause the crackling crosswalk signal leaking from one sir circuit to another this isn't going to happen over I'm notional have IP conversations that the IP RT stream is going to leak over unless I have someone hacking in my system that has mix them together but I could have this with to FX 0 circuits and the pair's up the wires that they ‘reusing aren't twisted properly to the standard there aren't enough twists in them I didn't use the proper at least for X so you have to use at least catch rewiring so I use you know just to basic strands of wire for one F 0 into basic strands of wire for another because I just found them laying around and I needed to cross connect between 266 punch downs and I just had four separate individual wires so I run I'm all right next to each other I time together with something a Velcro strip.
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09:19 pm, Thursday, July 17, 2014 (3 months ago)

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