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jnnfrdonovan says:

The finish my workout so you would not going to see show to work out on this or the rest my back workout because my battery was running low I forgot to charge it so mom yeah but I you're coming up is dates you okay p is everyone this is me I I'm back at my gym and its three days after I record it my original not original but three days ago you just finish saying got a combined 22 finish together he saw my back workout it's really backend shoulder day but because the fact that I didn't have enough um battery in my camcorder I had to cut the video down a lot and down since my son to get the side because I'm in the parking lot at the moment and %uh I was not happy with the fact that I have to ask why don’t they are all some very disappointed in that and are today is a day I'm going to redeem myself I A realize that that I was not counting correctly solo this time I'm going to get it right and sell this is so I'm three days later and I'm back on ohm I'm today is back and show Tuesday so I'm going to record it again and you'regonna see a big improvement from the first time Salaam that's his status okay now his Han to get busy now you see me doing a dumb bell roles and trusts me I am doing a Menno mom up your hand wraps ORN each arm I got outtalk my head I listen to.
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07:14 am, Thursday, July 17, 2014 (4 months ago)
patriciaj says:

They get older what we need to focus on we need to focus on week during exercises we need to make sure that we are appropriately stimulating a body in order to keep that bone density a because as we get older bone density declines it's just a fact of life it's the way it's how do you make your body want to see stronger how do you make your body want to keep muscle mass on it's simple you have to put a little bit of an external loading and this is one of the arguments I have with some people when they talk about yoga and bodyweight exercises fantastic you is great on you know bodyweight exercises their reach however a do not provide the scene stimulus putting a week in your hand I mean if you just think about logic me for a second the chant you know standing on the ground walking had a woman the other day yell at me on Twitter and tell me that walking as a week bearing exercise okay yes its weaker and exercise because you’re walking in you're moving your rate however your body is designed to walk there's plenty of people walking around to have major osteoporosis that walk every day.

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10:26 pm (4 months ago)
gackitt says:

the legal issues of you should think about and basicallywith this wrap all this up so you get your sack dive this class introduction digitalsurveillance systems so this to you basic tights digitalsurveillance systems that you are going to be dealing when 642-813 you get individual surveillancesystems you're going to be dealing with the or a law aversion visual surveillancesystems you're going to also be dealing with I key based sir says so order to understand what talkabout let's first talk about what analog surveillance systems are so with analog systems basically whatyou have is you have a camera like this you havea cable that goes from this camera uses cameramay be on the side of the building maybe five hundred feet that way youknow this may .

11:56 pm (4 months ago)

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