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We don't used at alright both grounded

merygyne says:

We don't used at alright both grounded little girl and I was very than a boost in all defense fairy tales and stories in logic world's I don't do her be atria why I do the difference well together Mary rushes and conquer accents those 'me Johnson the of trains not mine and Alice alt this is not something I can do IITs very firmly planted into my head that yeah I want to do it but that comment and then Monday use it we sunny day in everything at once I'll in I sustained as always and ok why not let me and imp why not know what can that be that person just because everybody on told me a cop just because I decided that soon I just a coke I want my first ever happen I want I didn't have any equipment that you have anything I just had to be sure to head the fractured the World Bank of 2 I'm and a half dozen training shoes each Input some oil you want this flea markets you know I go I my first one well okay you know it's not that kind of success story where you at mantra hundred-mile fight how it felt like that it makes did you okay and brain tumors in yeah good.
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09:01 pm, Monday, July 14, 2014 (3 months ago)

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