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Its strong and powerful enough formula proved

jolganucci says:

You’ll be more effective at helping them stay on track and coaching and mentoring them because you can see what they're doing or what they're not doing and identify bad habits and what will happen the mall will happen is as mister cultivating those relationships are getting back in touch with people you have to qualify or the reason why someone might help that personal stop most are popping up you know the college tuition for their baby retirement income %uh gas they piton 30 pounds the last you know two years and he needs to get back into shape so maybe the reset for so she talk with them that retake the notes and you won't get back with your Pure Nitrate uplineor get back on training call and then take that her and then your talk with the person here at the best marketing math the best information sharing some a no text someone's bass ran you may not have tousle a marking method you know you may just be simple things Ivey dude uses product ref: I did have already lost like eight pounds just do it and so your up line an A to Z trim call swill hope you no help you do that and then once you’re ready to kind of take that next step introduce either you know like a certain product or how of their business concept or the so no.
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02:26 am, Monday, July 14, 2014 (3 months ago)
lyndabgerke says:

Now just even challenges the folks listening in is should see our students be clued in on some his inspiration ways of thinking in I maybe that's the next train as well sais giving professional Melvin opportunities to them that kind expose maybe I’d be is was too the professionals in the audience so that’s when I'm looking for the future is what else can we do the students and ended the professionalism the room I really gonna take back in and be inspired and challenged Stake with their students come the fall what I was gonna say was I'm confident that some umpire assessment data is going tube positive but I would also just caution everyone to understand and consider that who you know traditional methods of assessment can truly capture an untraditional experience a non-traditional expect so how do you assess changing some the way someone thinks or challenging the way they think so to some extent let's you know will look at this out and celebrate it but let's remember that you know the great things that have happened in the world you know I'm sure one TED talks started ten years ago but no one got that time.

11:20 pm (3 months ago)

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