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Grandmothers are taking care

heerranjha121 says:

Grandmothers are taking care their grandchildren K now they're taking on the responsibility after they've already I'll raise their own their own children and again at these they don't take care their children who do they go to maybe a foster home maybe to somewhere else again but they're having to take these responsibilities on bother spouses and children and they're doing it as a sacrifice toothier own physical and mantel and sometimes financial health and again do we often ask about this things to ask things to know you elder abuse is another big one that you can’t sing and it's found in all communities along all strata it hits everyone it occurs in every race religion creed socioeconomic status whatever you want to say in again its active omission or commission things are actually done or not intentional or unintentional can be in terms of physical psychological social and by financial exploitation come some other common signs and symptoms abuser delays in seeking medical care having an inconsistency between the historian illness or injury between the client or your patient and the person brought them in perhaps the perpetrator themselves poor hygiene malnutrition being underweight dehydrated those are some the signs.
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02:17 am, Saturday, July 12, 2014 (4 months ago)

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